A dedicated teacher has boundless love for educational work and, above all, for children. Leo Tolstoy wrote: “It is enough for a good teacher to have only two qualities – great knowledge and a big heart”.

​“The Image of a Teacher as a Creator” is a contest that aims to popularize the teaching profession. We are waiting for creative works about your opinion, interviews, prose sketches representing a vision with a free interpretation of any pedagogical problem, sublime, noble images of teachers working by vocation. “Essentially, the image of the Creator in human has no boundaries, and therefore there is no beginning and no end to education and upbringing” (Shalva Amonashvili).

​The images stored in memory create an atmosphere of spiritual life, which is an endless educational process. If we succeed, then what is written will become more than just words. They will contain the world of the teacher: events, deeds, thoughts…, even sounds and flowers. Each work will become a mirror reflection of the world’s reality “to live, to think, to feel, to love, to make discoveries”…

​The competition is held from October 12th to December 12th, 2021 with the support of the Northern Forum using remote technologies.

​We invite students, parents, journalists and education professionals to participate in the competition.

​Works in Sakha, Russian and foreign languages are accepted in the following areas: essay, interview, essay, pedagogical article, presentation, narrative, story.

Contest nominations:

The goal of creativity is dedication.

To live, to think, to feel, to love, to make discoveries.

The teacher is the best friend.

The school of life in the North.

Grasping the thread of destinies, events.

I am a future teacher.

My class teacher.

A letter to the teacher.

Winners and prize-winners will be awarded electronic diplomas from the Northern Forum; all participants will receive electronic diplomas of the participants.

​If you have any questions, please contact the organizers.

Participation is free. Promptly follow the information on the websites!

The Northern Forum www.northernforum.org

School of Life in the North  http://north-school.com/

The participants send their works by December 12, 2021 (inclusive) with the note “The Image of a Teacher – Creator” to the e-mail address: ygng.yaguo@gmail.com


Mariia Kaprynova, +79644200578 (WhatsApp), kaprynovs@mail.ru

ZinaidaAlekseyeva, +79841124767 (WhatsApp), zinaa2001@mail.ru

Viktoriia Iljina, +7 964 077-70-20(WhatsApp), vika.ilina.1975@mail.ru

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