On November 17, 2021, a working meeting of the participants of the project “School of Living in the North” was held at the Yakutsk City National Gymnasium named after Antonina G. and Nikolay K. Chiryaevs. The working meeting was organized by Dora E. Egorova, coordinator of the “School of Living in the North” project. The meeting was held in a face-to-face distance format.

The purpose of the working meeting is to disseminate ideas, values ​​and traditions of the project, discuss plans, prospects, and develop contacts between partner schools.

Vladimir N. Vasiliev, Executive Director of the Northern Forum, Anastasia N. Bozhedonova, candidate of sociological sciences, international expert on education, project head, took part in the discussion of the prospects and areas of activity.

Valentina S. Permyakova, Director of YCNG, made a welcoming speech. The meeting was attended by project designing teachers of YСNG: Anastasia V. Talonova, children’s projects in English, primary classes, Victoria A. Ilyina, the project “Waste sorting”, Olga V. Petrova, the project “Ecobag”, deputy directors and teachers. Anatoly N. Chiryaev, deputy director for educational work of YCNG, presented a new website for the “School of Living in the North”.

The speakers noted the activity of partner schools, representatives: Galina G. Makarova, teacher of English, MBEI “Namskaya ulusnaya gymnasium named after N. S. Okhlopkova “, v. Namtsy, Namsky district; Tuyaara E. Maksimova, teacher of English, MBEI “Berdigestyakh secondary school”, Gorny distric; Elizaveta I. Ammosova, Deputy Director for External Relations, French teacher, MBEI “Khamagattinsky Sakha-French Lyceum”, MD “Namsky Ulus”; Raisa V. Berezhnaya, director of the MBEI “Abyyskaya secondary school”, Abyisky district; Paraskovya G. Nikulina, teacher-organizer, MBEI “Abyyskaya secondary school”, Abyisky district; Nadezhda N. Spiridonova, teacher of English language, MBEI “Anabar Gymnasium”, Anabarsky district.

Online participation was attended by Claudia I. Fedorova, candidate of philological sciences, Associate Professor, Head of the Department of English Philology of the Institute of Foreign Philology and Regional Studies of NEFU, (project expert), Tamara V. Mikhailova, Deputy Director for Academic Affairs of YCNG, Daria I. Zakharova, representative of the Presidential Schools Network and partner schools.

Mariyana V. Vinokurova, candidate of pedagogical sciences, methodologist of YCNG (scientific and methodological center of the project), noted that the project unites teachers of the northern regions, opens the world to students, urged to take an active part in the international competition “The Image of a Teacher as a Creator” dedicated to the memory of Evdokia N. Nazarova, who stood at the origins of the project. Svetlana A. Gogoleva, candidate of pedagogical sciences, head of the children’s museum center of YCNG (scientific center of the project for culture and art), spoke about the work of a travelling exhibition of young artists of the Arctic, invited to visit the exhibition in the Museum Center and on the website “School of Living in the North.”

In general, the working meeting noted the relevance of educational programs, the system-forming role of the project and outlined further prospects.

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